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Press Machine Maintenance

Maximum uptime - minimum downtime

Even the most reliable machinery needs regular maintenance. TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK offers maintenance services for all products and machines, tailored to fit your needs.


Our products work efficiently for a long period of time, however,  regular checks, care and adjustment can only improve the efficiency and safety of your equipment. Whether it is the wear and tear of tools, the total amount of strokes of a drive or the condition of hoses and wiring,  our competent service staff can keep your equipment running.


How our maintenance service benefits you:

  • Maximize uptime for your machinery and components.
  • Minimize downtime.
  • Extend the life cycle of your production equipment.
  • Increase safety and transparency in your applications.


TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK is a technology partner that can help you with every aspect of maintenance. Contact us today to learn more! 


Among others we provide the following maintenance services:

Annual Maintenance

  • Mechanical inspection of the full machine
  • Inspection of the drive system
  • Inspection of the control system
  • Inspection of the tools

Safety inspection / Stop time measurement

  • Stop time measurement (regular check) according to BGR724 and DIN 13855

Force- / Distance comparison measurements

  • Check of the proper condition and error-free function of the force sensor technology
  • Check of the measurement chain
  • Check of the actual state and calibration with external force sensor
  • Documentation
  • Changes performed only in coordination with quality assurance department or responsible person of customer

For more information about our maintenance services, contact us today!

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